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Welcome to Ms. Clarke’s Class.

Below you will find general information about our day to day schedule. I’m excited to start another year at Old Bridge Elementary School and for a full year of learning together.


Class Schedule: 


Tardy Bell: 8:55

Lunch:11:20 - 11:50

Encore:12:15  - 1:00

Recess:1:00 - 1:20

Dismissal: 3:15


Our Encore schedule is on a 10 Day Rotation.  See the schedule below to find out where your child will be each day.  Please make sure that on PE days, your child is wearing close-toed shoes.  For more information about what day it is in the rotation, please see the OBE calendar on the main website.


Day 1: Music

Day 6: Music

Day 2: P.E.



Day 7: P.E.


Day 3:
Digital Art

Day 8: Library/Guidance


Day 4: P.E.

Day 9: P.E.


Day 5:Art



Day 10: Art