Dear Kindergarten Families, 

In these unprecedented times, our focus needs to be on health and wellness, and that includes staying out of public and minimizing stress as much as possible.  Kindergarten students thrive in an environment of routines and engagement.  Do your best to maintain a daily schedule of waking up and dressing for the day, setting routine mealtimes, and normal bedtime routines.  The BEST thing you can do with your child, as always, is reading, talking and creative play.  Outlined below are some OPTIONAL activities you can do with your child using the Clever portal we gave you access to on Friday, March 13.  As always, feel free to email us with any questions.  Please assure your little one that we MISS him/her very much. 

With much love,  

Mrs. Ellsmore, Mrs. Marotta, and Mrs. Stanton 






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PWCS At Home Learning Webpage (please check out the optional daily schedule!): 


Old Bridge Online Learning 



Kindergarten Resources: 

READING and Writing 

In Clever, go to KidsA-Z – spend 15 minutes reading; quizzes are optional and can be hard (quizzes often need adult support) 


Retelling flowers 


Sight words learned by quarter 


Sight word games 


Story map 


Writing Paper 


In Clever, go to Starfall and ABCYa :  practice phonics and reading 


Reading and Writing vidoes using Brainpop Jr 

Reading Skills – Choosing and Book, Reading Nonfiction 

Story Elements – Character, Setting, Theme 

Comprehension – Make Predictions, Sequence 

Phonics – ch,th,sh,and wh, Rhyming Words, Short Vowels,  

Sentence – Capital and Lowercase, Types of Sentences 

Communication – Listening and Speaking 

Writing – Writing with the Senses 




In Clever, go to IXL: great program for math practice. Here are a few suggested sections for review: 

Section C:3-21            Numbers and counting sets up to 10 

Section D: 1-15           Numbers 0 to 20 

Section F:7                 Skip Count by 10’s 

Section G:4                 Comparing sets using fewer, more, same 

Section H                    Patterns 

Section I                    Addition to 5 

Section J:12, 10, 11   Addition to 10 

Section K                    Subtraction up to 5 

Section L:1, 2, 8, 9     Subtraction up to 10 

Section M:4                Addition and Subtraction word problems 

Section N                   Positional Words 

Section O:1                 Fractions: equal parts 

Section Q:5-7             Classify and Sort by Attribute 

Section U:1                 Coin Names 


Starfall:  +/- section is great for addition and subtraction practice 

BrainpopJr: math videos 

Number Sense – Comparing Numbers, Even and Odd, One Hundred, Patterns,  

Addition and Subtraction – Basic Adding, Basic Subtracting, Counting On,  

Measurement – Temperature 

Geometry – Patterns, Plane Shapes 

Time – Calendar and Dates 

Money – Counting Coins 

Fractions – Basic Parts of a Whole 

Math Strategies – Solving Word Problems 


Interactive, online math resource on estimating 


Neat online resource for math 


Students create a number booklet for composing and decomposing numbers 3 through 9 



The following videos will review concepts we discussed in class.  The quizzes are optional. 

Click on the subject area (underlined below), then click on the topic (first word i.e., Animals), then click the video in the topic area you would like to view (the titles located after the hyphen i.e., Hibernation under Animals) 


Animals – Hibernation, Camouflage and Migration 

Plants – Plant Life Cycle and Trees 

Matter – Changing States of Matter; Solids, Liquids and Gases 

Forces – Sink or Float 

Weather and Be a Scientist – all videos  

      Social Studies 

American History – Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King Jr., Thanksgiving, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln 

Holidays and Communities – all videos 

Government – President 

Economics – Goods and Services, Needs and Wants 

Citizenships – US Symbols, Rights and Responsibilities 

Geography – Reading Maps 


All videos from the following: Be Well, Safe, Feelings, Be Responsible, Teeth, and Food 

Bodies – senses (although we did not cover the other videos listed in this category, they may interest your child) 


Internet Safety, Parts of a Computer, Transportation 


In Clever, go to Discovery Education and PebbleGo :  to enjoy researching any topic of your choice! 


National Geographic for Kids to research Science and Social Studies topics of your choice! 


Learning Activities involving NO technology, translations included: 


Kindergarten SOL objectives learned so far