PE with Coach Mac

Week of June 1- June 5

Grades K-5 Angry Birds
In class, we have used our throwing skills in a fun game of angry birds.  We have created many different levels or fort designs to hide the pigs.  Then we throw a ball to  knock down the pigs or to knock the obstacle down in a way to trap those mean pigs underneath.  I would like you to create some different Angry Birds levels of your own.  Use items or furniture around the house to build a fort for the pigs (or any other animal you want as your villain) and then throw an object to try to complete the level by knocking them down.  All those stuffed animals are finally getting their day to shine!  

1.  Some examples of items you can use to build the forts include laundry baskets, paper towel rolls, legos, empty soda cans or bottles, and then you can put your animal on top or inside the fort.
2.  Here are some other suggestions to make the game more fun or challenging. Vary the distance you are throwing from to make it easier/harder.  Try throwing different ways, underhand/overhand/blindfolded, rolling, kicking the ball.  If you don't have a soft ball that is safe to throw indoors, use a pair of socks rolled up, or a different stuffed animal to throw at the fort.

If you would like to share your design please post them to my flipgrid.
Password is obesPE20

Counseling Lessons - Mrs. K and Mrs. McNeely

Week of June 8th - 12th
Check out our Counseling Room for awesome calm down activities! Music, drawing, visuals, and more!

Week of June 1st
Music speaks to everyone in every language.  Music brings us together and shows we are more alike than different.  Listen to the songs from around the world as they share words of welcome, peace, and love.
*Go through the Powerpoint in presentation mode to hear the songs. 
Week of May 26th
Instruments of the Orchestra
Play I Spy the Instruments of the Percussion Family
I Spy The Percussion Instruments.pptx

Week of May 18th
Instruments of the Orchestra
Brass Family

Play I Spay the Instruments of the Brass Family
I Spy The Brass Instruments.pptx
Week of May 11th
Instruments of the Orchestra
Strings Family

Play the Game I Spy the Instruments of the Strings Family
I Spy The String Instruments.pptx
Week of May 4th
Instruments of the Orchestra
Visit the following site and explore the instruments of the orchestra.  Focus on the instruments of the woodwind family.

Play I Spy the Instruments of the Woodwind Family
I Spy The Woodwind Instruments.pptx
Speaking of May the 4th.....
Do you know who wrote the music for Star Wars?

John Williams also composed the music for these well-known films.  Do you recognize them?

April 27-May 1
The King of All Instruments”
Do you know the instrument that is considered the King of them all? Click to watch Mrs. McCarthy interview someone who plays this magnificent instrument!

*Go through the Powerpoint in presentation mode to hear the links to songs.

I hope to see many posts of you making your music on Music Monday.  Starting this week I will be posting "A Song A Day" of all of my favorite folk songs.  I hope that you sing along with me!  

Patriotic Songs 
*Go through the Powerpoint in presentation mode to hear the songs.