Catherine Williams     

Dear Parents and Students,

This situation is certainly not anything we could imagine, but we will get through it!  I miss all of my learning buddies and look forward to seeing you when things have settled down.  In the meantime, let me know if there is anything I can do.  

For the remainder of the year, I'll be posting weekly activities for students to complete at your discretion.  They can be found in the Files and Documents section to the left.  Please understand that these are suggested learning activities.  Don't feel as though you must complete all of them.  My goal is to keep the students engaged with learning, but not overwhelmed.

Virtual Instruction will include online learning activities, tutorials, and/or projects which can be done independently.  I will plan to have 2 class Zoom meetings/week.  They will be from 11:15-12:00 on Monday and Wednesday.  I will also have an open Zoom time during 'office' hours if you have questions or need help with an assignment.  Of course you are welcome to contact me at other times as well through email, Dojo, or phone.
Be sure to check out the Encore activities each week.  The link is below or you can access it through Class Pages on the OBE web site.  I recommend going through the OBE website whenever possible.  Clever is found there under Student Resources.
Stay home and stay safe!

Virtual Learning Schedule:

Virtual Instruction- Monday-Thursday 11:30-12:00
'Office Hours'- Tuesday at 1pm
      Thursday at 9:30
Specialists (Gifted, Speech, Special Education Classrooms)-


There are several ways for us to stay in touch. I will post most of the assignments here on the web page.  I will also send out messages through email and Class DoJo.  If you are not getting those messages, please let me know.