Marryam Castle

For all further class information and updates, check out our Class Dojo page through the Class Dojo app. This gets updated daily, and will be the fastest means of communication. You can also get there through the links on the side of this page! 

Welcome to Ms. Castle’s Class.

Through Class Dojo, I will be posting resources and activities for students to offer as much guidance as I can during this time we are all at home for an extended period. Many of these resources are familiar to students, but they will need your guidance to log on and get set up on a device at home. Resources are under the link "Castle-Files and Resources" and grouped into folders by subject. 

I miss all of my students very much, so our Video Morning Meetings through Zoom will be a great way to stay connected! Links to join Morning Meeting will be posted each morning. Just know that my days are truly not complete without my Castle Crew kiddos and we'll get through this together!


weekly schedule

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