a dolphin and ocean themed Old Bridge PTO banner.

Who is PTO?

We are an organization of parents, teachers and administrators at Old Bridge Elementary School


What do we do?

We host community events and programs for our families throughout the year and we fundraise to provide curriculum enrichment for our students.


Why do we do it?

To enhance the overall OBE experience for our kids, families, and teachers by creating memories and fostering a sense of community in a welcoming, positive environment.


How do we do it?

1 - Communicate. Provide parents with information about our school and upcoming events, how they can get involved, and help them connect to the resources they need.


2 - Support. Support the teachers and staff with volunteers, spirit wear, treats, and in other ways that let them know they are appreciated. Listen to ways we can help throughout the year to make their jobs a little easier.


3 - Create. Coordinate events that bring the community together and help meet fundraising goals, while creating opportunities to get families involved, whether they have 30 minutes or 30 hours to give.


How can you be involved?

1 - Check out our upcoming events: (Events Calendar Coming Soon)

2 - Join the PTO (Click Here for the Membership Form)

3 - Consider volunteering - PTO Needs help organizing activities, coordinating Spirit Night, fundraising and we have Board Openings to fill! You can volunteer from home and after school hours. There is a place for everyone!



Project Proposal

Old Bridge PTO invites you to join them during this school year to make a successful year for both students and teachers. If you would like to propose a project for the PTO to fund, please submit an application for consideration. 



PTO Executive Board Members


Krysti Olah

Vice President:

Kianet Christophy


Brooke Gorman                               


Lisa Carpenter

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